Christopher Loft is a playwright and author. He has written numerous short plays, including The Interview Stage, which was a finalist in the British Theatre Challenge, and Looking For William, about the Scottish hero William Wallace. For children, he is the author of numerous playscripts and novels, including The Adventures of Robin Hood and Scary Tales. For adults, he has written Missim Woods, Over Our Heads, Time Burners and The Storybook Cafe.

Christopher spent more than twenty years in mainstream education, mostly the state primary sector, during which time he wrote and produced numerous plays for young people. He is currently Curriculum Leader at Red Balloon Cambridge, a charity that supports children who have been bullied or suffered other traumatic experiences and who are no longer able to attend mainstream schools. Christopher started writing plays and stories for adult audiences in 2014. To purchase any of the novels of Christopher Loft, please visit his amazon page by clicking here.