Plays For Theatres

The Interview Stage

Martin Brown has an interview for a new teaching position. He was given a hard time at his last school, but that’s all behind him now. He’s ready for anything. He’s thought through the questions they’re likely to ask him. He’s got a lesson ready in case they want to see him teach. But is he ready for a job interview that feels more like a police interrogation? Is he ready to face up to the secrets from his past? Is he ready for Brass and Squires? One way or another, they will get their man and Martin Brown is about to endure the toughest interview of his life. The Interview Stage is a one-act play about teachers, those they teach and those they answer to. It is a comedy with a hint of malice that has been described as “extremely relevant” and “a rib-aching lesson of comedy”.

The Interview Stage reached the finals of the 2015 British Theatre Challenge and was performed at the Lost Theatre, South London. A video of that production is available on YouTube. Click here to view.

Responsible Product

Amos and Seymour are just trying to survive another day at work. Their colleague Beatrice lives in her own world, while their supervisor thinks only of her own promotion. When new recruit Deirdre arrives, it is a challenge for everyone, and it is by no means clear what will be the end result.

First staged at the 2016 Stagewrite Festival in Bedford, Responsible Product has also featured as part of a wellbeing initiative in partnership with Lifebox Theatre and The Art of Work.

From the Stagewrite 2016 production of Responsible Product

Looking For William

Marian is researching a new exhibition on the Scottish hero, William Wallace. If she can find a new angle on the old stories, it could be the making of her career. If she fails, it will mean leaving London and going home to Mother. Visiting the places associated with Wallace, Marian finds more than she bargains for – secrets uncovered, promises made, and even the hint of love in the air. But is the William Wallace that she finds a man to be trusted? And can an English woman ever really understand the importance of this famous Scottish figure of legend?

Written for the Peppermint Muse company, Looking For William was first produced at The Place Theatre, Bedford in 2018 with John Stenhouse as William and Lisa Stenhouse as Marian.

Risk Takers and History Makers

The stories behind four famous female Bedfordians: Elizabeth Bunyan, wife of the writer John Bunyan; Dorothy Osborne, a letter writer and independent woman from the Civil War era; Ellen Oliver, a suffragette; and Pearl Thompson, a teacher from Jamaica.

Written specifically for an exhibition of the same name, which ran for several weeks at two locations: The Panacea Museum and The John Bunyan Museum, both in Bedford, UK. The script was adapted into a film which featured actors Cally Lawrence and Richard Mann, along with performers from St Thomas More school. The film is available on YouTube. Click here to view.